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A research collective interested in the future of work and play beyond the limitations of physical space.

Study Overview:

Study 1

Natural langauge processing to identify virtual meeting terminology.

Study 2

Large survey to explore virtual meeting features' statistical association.

Study 3

Worker interviews to contextualize Studies 1 + 2.

Study 4

Video virtual meeting experiment to test hypotheses derived from Studies 1-3.

Study 5

Prototype virtual reality meeting platform to embody and validate Studies 1-4 insights.

Study Outcomes

Increased well-being (e.g., reduced virtual meeting fatigue) and equity (e.g., equal speaking contributions) for workers

Welcome to the current homepage for the researchers involved in the NSF grant FW-HTF-R: Collaborative Research: Virtual Meeting Support for Enhanced Well-Being and Equity for Game Developers. This page will be occasionally updated to express key stages of progress and to present public facing information as outlined in the original project proposed to NSF.