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A research collective interested in the future of work and play beyond the limitations of physical space.

Fact Sheet:

Founding Date

December 9, 2019

Funding Date

October 1, 2021

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Beyond Meetspace is research collective interested in the future of work and play beyond the limitations of physical space. Thus far work has been centered on the various roles of virtual reality (VR). We are presently funded by an NSF Future of Work grant to identify the role VR can play in hybrid and remote work for video game developers.


This project seeks to increase the well-being (e.g., reduced virtual meeting fatigue) and equity (e.g., equal speaking contributions) for workers by conducting a divserse mixed-method analysis of remote work and VR usage.

Project One

Project one utilized the former Academic API for Twitter to pull millions of tweets related to remote work and virtual reality. These pulls have fed multiple manuscripts in various states of completion that use natural langauge processing to identify key terminology and ideas. These ideas produce independent research and support other projects for this grant and broader projects for this team.

Project Two

Large survey to explore virtual meeting features' statistical association.

Project Three

Worker interviews to contextualize Studies 1 + 2.

Project Four

Video virtual meeting experiment to test hypotheses derived from Studies 1-3.

Project Five

Prototype virtual reality meeting platform to embody adn validate Studies 1-4 insights.



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Coming Soon!


NSF Introductory Video

"Getting Versed in the Metaverse" - Dr. Rabindra Ratan, PBAIF 9/24/22


Tree Render

This is a render of the spawn area for the VR Meeting World.

Colloseum Render

This is a render of the Colloseum that houses the meeting space.

Top Down Render

This is a top down view of the full island.

Stadium Seating Render

This is a view of the meeting space.

SPARTIE Lab Photo 1

Dr. Brian Winn and students from the GEL Lab at MSU who are working on the VR platform.

SPARTIE Lab Photo 2

The GEL Lab updating the research team on their progress.



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