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A research collective interested in the future of work and play beyond the limitations of physical space.

Call for Papers: Journal of Media Psychology

Metaverse-Mediated Communication: Theories of working, learning, and socializing through XR technologies.

With the rise of affordable and ubiquitous virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and extended reality (XR) technology and a push to develop the metaverse—a series of interconnected immersive environments in persistent multi-user platforms that allow for real-time user interaction (Mystakidis 2022)—XR-based meeting spaces are becoming a new communication reality. Whether for education, work, or social interactions, people are meeting and experiencing daily life through XR, eliciting behaviors researchers have yet to explore fully. This collection will feature theoretical and empirical work that investigates the role of XR in how we learn, work, and socialize.

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Game Dev Interviews

We are currently working on a research project examining key features and ways to improve virtual meeting software for game developers. Our research aims to identify key needs for game makers when they attend virtual meetings as well as problems with current software.

We are seeking game developers to participate in an interview to share their insights. We can conduct this via Zoom, Google Meet, phone, or email. Our conversation can be relatively short, and you also can speak anonymously or under a pseudonym if you prefer. I'm happy to provide further information if you are interested in speaking.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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